The Sensual Storm

Lighting dances across the day time sky.

Thunder roars in triumph.

All the while she lays upon her bed

Aching to be touched.

Desiring hands to explore the most sensitive of places.

Dripping with lust and need for lips to play with her.

The sensual storm that whirls outside, also whirls inside her soul.

Drowning Into Freedom

I knew the day I met you trouble was about to be.

I knew the day I spoke to you I would turn your world upside down

I didn’t see what was coming.

I feel in love with your laughter.

I made love to your soul

Your voice became my lullaby

Your energy became my home.

Then the fighting began

The unhealthy jealousy

The anger, the resentment, the blind fold came off.

I saw how broken you were, I tried to save the shards of terror that haunted you, but I could not save you.

You cannot save me, you may not own me.

You may not run your energy down my soul, you may not touch me anymore.

You took everything, that I’d ever known in the world.

But not ever again, you may not drown me.

For your attempt at drowning me, only sent me into freedom.

Vanderpump Dogs Reiki Fundraiser!

Proceeds Go to Vanderpump Dogs

Happy Saturday!

I am going to be holding a month long fundraiser, offering distance reiki for dogs or other pets.

Proceeds are going to benefit Vanderpump Dogs Foundation.

Chinese activists pulled a brave journey of rescuing 142 dogs, from Yulin, a barbaric and horrific dog meat festivals.  Thanks to these amazing people 142 dogs are now safe from a terrifying fate.

I am offering pet, and dog reiki sessions for 10 dollars per session, proceeds go right now Vanderpump Dogs.

During a Reiki session, I will heal and balance your pets seven energy wheels, this can be done at a distance and does not need to be done in person.  Reiki helps relieve trauma or past life trauma, promote over all wellness, and strengthens the bond between pet and human parent.

You can contact me through my form on this blog to make your appointment.

Sessions can be done via phone, Skype, Facebook,Messenger, or even Face time

Let’s help Vanderpump Dogs get the help they deserve these amazing folk work miracles!


Can’t You See If He’s Cheating On Me?

This Question and Others as a Tarot Reader


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Today I am going to talk about my experience as a tarot card reader, and psychic.

I love, love, love what I do but I think people get the wrong idea about psychics so I will explain things further today.

I AM NOT a Spy!

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One thing people need to understand is that I am not here to tell you what your ex is doing with his new fling or whichever kind of relationship may be. I am also not here to tell you if your spouse is cheating on you, if you can’t trust your spouse which you can’t if you’re going to a psychic for help, perhaps it’s time to look at your relationship.

My goal is to steer you away from drama, and pain, so that you can heal. My goal as a tarot reader is to give you insight about YOU, and what YOU need to work on with YOUR LIFE.


I AM NOT a Doctor

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This meme is so funny!  But it rings true with me!  I am not a doctor, I cannot tell you if you have illnesses, or a cold, or are going to be pregnant, because I am not here for that.  Intuitive readings mean that I deliver information that will help you with your wellness, in relation to yourself, your relationships, etc.  The kind of energy wellness that psychics look into is what blocks are internal with the seeker of the reading, and how to release or overcome them.

If you think you have a mental illness, or physical one, please SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP IMMEDIATELY.

I Am NOT a Lottery Machine, or Fortune Machine

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People really seem to think that I can just pull a few cards and hand them lucky lottery numbers when in reality that is not the case at all,  I cannot five you the name of your future husband, the address of your dream, or the winning lottery numbers.  Why?  Tarot is meant to help YOU with internal issues, so for example,if you’re looking to win some cash perhaps it’s time to look at your financial and material energy and see what is blocking it.

I love tarot, maybe even more than life sometimes, hehe! However, the truth is this, I am not here to diagnose you, give you your dream home, or foretell your life.  What I a am here to do as a professional reader is to guide HOW to achieve your goals or help you work through obstacles with your goals.

Just Love Me Someday

Lily, did not take to packs, she never agreed with them, nor ever wanted to be included in activities.

Now, Lily loved being a wolf, she loved running through the forest, the feeling of complete freedom. Most of all, she loved never having to answer to some alpha on a power trip.

It had to suck to know that you were under someone else’s control at all times. Lily scoffed at the young wolves in her family that couldn’t wait to find their mate.

Her family feared for her, since losing Aspen, Lily had seemed to lose all interest in love, so stuck her nose up at the idea of marriage even when her mother, Hazel, tried to help her through losing Aspen.

Hazel gazed at Lily at the kitchen table, she watched Lily nibble on a breakfast muffin.  Hazel’s brown eyes smiled at her, remembering the first time she ever made these for Lily, and how happy she had been that day. Hazel, who stood at 5’6, sat down in the wooden chairs at the kitchen table, she tied her long blonde hair hair into  a bun.  It was August and it still was hot, she secretly counted down the days until it was Fall, and hoping that just maybe this Autumn, Lily would finally come out of her funk…

Just maybe…

“Lily, are you ever going to be open to the idea of an alpha?”, Hazel asked worried.  She did not think that Lily fully understood how loving an alpha can be, actually scratch that, she knew.

“Look, will it make you happy if I go make some friends with some of the college wolves?” Lily rolled her eyes, staring at her mom who was clad in a pink tank top and light blue denim jeans. Most of Lily’s friends envied her mother, for forty years old she could pass as 18.  Her skin was a lightly toasted tan color, which was rightfully earned when she took her honeymoon with Lily’s father Scott.

She never understood how they could be so in love after 20 years, perhaps their sex life was boring.  Lily shook her head and dumped her muffin, disgusted at the thought.

“Heard that kiddo”, Scott laughed, smiling at her and coming over to greet Lily’s mother with some playful repetitive ear kisses, this caused Lily’s mother to squeal, giggle, and rub her arms.

Hazel retaliated by ruffling long black and silver hair, that gave him a definite “wild” look, put together with his rather large, all muscle frame, standing at 6’5, most people would have pegged Scott to be a tough guy. That could not be farther from the truth, sure he wore cut up jeans and biker jackets, but on the interior, Scott loved life, he loved Lily, and even deeper than that he loved his wife, he loved her smile, and her laugh, her playful grin, traits that he could see in Lily. However Lily swore to hide them, Lily even at 21 believed that she didn’t have time to horse play, or even fall in love, if she did either of those things she would lose control and be open to love, and THAT was a scary idea.

Scott smiled at his daughter, taking in her long raven blue hair, which today surprisingly, was curled and coiled loosely around her face.  Her dark blue eyes were once a happy sky blue color, but seeing what Aspen had did to her, completely traumatized him, and though he wanted his daughter to be open to an alpha and to love, he also respected her wishes.  But little did she know he had a different trick up his sleeve.

” I happened to over hear your mother, so I decided that I would invite someone over myself, he’s pretty rad, loves to help, isn’t afraid to be himself, oh and best of all, he rescues horses”, Scott smiled at Lily.

Hazel looked over at Lily, worried ,afraid she’d decline but before she even could worry about that a young male stepped into her kitchen.  Hazel took in her daughter’s muscular, yet lean yoga figure, her band tee shirt that she was wearing from last years warped tour, and her shorts that stopped midway at her thighs, showing off pale skin and defined muscle.  Hazel was proud that even after Aspen, Lily did not let give up on her own life.

Lily took one look at him, completely uninterested, or so she thought,

She instantly judged him, side bangs, dark brown hair and bright blue eyes, he was wearing a short sleeve “Butcher Babies” shirt and dark wash jeans, muscles everywhere.  He defnitely fit the role of an alpha.

“My name is Slade, it’s nice to meet you Lily,” Slade introduced himself smiling at her.

Slade’s brown wolf stirred inside him, loving her white arctic wolf that lay inside her.  However, when his wolf had went to approach Lily’s she pinned her ears back wagged tail slowly, nuzzled his shoulder once and went back to Lily.  Slade had thought perhaps, she was just over privileged and thought she was better than everyone.  This simply was not the case.  Being a empathic psychic himself, he could see the madness that lay below the surface of her dark eyes, but when he looked at her human form, he could also see the beautiful ocean blue color his father, mentioned when they met up for coffee after they finished their job at the local horse rescue.  Slade still could see the loving, sweet, magical soul, that she kept hidden, if only she would let it shine.

“It’s nice to meet you too”, Lily smiled back, but quickly it faded, it was like she would not allow herself to feel anything, and that was frustrating shit.

Slade’s wolf continued to want to come through his human form and he howled with such pain on the inside, he wanted nothing more than to be able to show her that not all alphas are controlling and deceitful.  Not all alphas believed in poly-amorus relationships, some alpha’s truly just wanted to be loved and be able to love back in return.

Slade was determined to make her smile again, to help her find her way.  He didn’t care if she never spoke to him again, he had to try to save her, the question was, would she be willing to let him?

Just love me someday“, Slade’s thoughts whispered to her wolf…


©Amanda Martinotti, 2018, All Rights Reserved.







Keeping My Lips Locked

I’m keeping my lips locked, not a single word to come out.

For if I smile you might just find out my secrets and my deepest truths.

The first time I felt your eyes meet mine, I knew my world was about to change.

The first time you stood by me, I then realized what it’s like to be completely free.

I feel the wind comb my hair and I swear it’s you.

I close my eyes and I can hear your heart racing

I hear your laughter and feel warm, alive, awakened.

No you don’t own me, no you don’t have control over me, for I allow myself to feel this.

But even at this pace, I can’t help the way I feel, but of this I will never admit.

I love you, but I am keeping my lips locked.